Lies, Damned Lies: ‘Real’ UK Unemployment Figures ‘Expose Government Statistics’! - 27 Jul 2017, 23:35
#Nationalist posturing will do nothing to upgrade the quality of a workforce short on key #academic attributes #edu - 27 Jul 2017, 23:30
Analysis: the 21.5% 'unemployment rate' is an important figure, but discussions relating to causation should focus on skills + #productivity - 27 Jul 2017, 23:25
As #economists will doubtless be aware, the United Kingdom departed from internationally-recognised #unemployment definitions in the 1980s - 27 Jul 2017, 23:22
Notably, the percentage of inactive male #workers has tripled in the past 40 years; some posit that this 'lost' constituency enabled #Brexit - 27 Jul 2017, 23:21
≈21.5% of #British workers are either officially #unemployed, inactive, or employed part-time - even though they really want full-time #work - 27 Jul 2017, 23:18
Analysts: the real #unemployment rate for the United Kingdom may be 21.5% as opposed to the official figure of 4.5% - a c.377% difference - 27 Jul 2017, 23:15
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@NadeemAzam Great piece on #literature + its commercial applications: How JK Rowling built a $25bn #business via @FT - 26 Jul 2017, 22:31
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